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Default Re: Superman the Movie = STILL the greatest superhero movie

Originally Posted by Kevin Roegele View Post
Tarzan is a pulp hero, which are forerunners to superheroes (like the Shadow and Doc Savage). He's not commonly counted as a superhero, but then some people don't count Batman as a superhero either. My own definition of a superhero is simply a character based on Superman.

I understand your point, but consider this origin......

A baby is orphanned by the death of his parents.
He is found, adopted, and raised by parents who are not of his kind in a world alien to his birthright.
His given name is unknown to his new parents and they give him a new name and identity.
As he matures he develops abilities that place him above the capabilities of normal men.

........of Tarzan.

Makes one wonder who Superman is based on?

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