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Default Re: Power Rangers Re-Imagined.

Hmm...I don't know if a new version/re-imagining of MMPR would ever get out from under the 'campy kids show' feeling, but then again, anything is possible. Its an idea that very much appeals to me, but I don't think anyone could ever have giant success with it...maybe.

If I were to do it (I probably would if I got the offer)...I would make it all about the theme of "how power corrupts"...I would introduce the 5 early 20s' (NO TEENAGERS) guys and girls, have them not liking each other very much at all (this is a great idea), and I would have very strange occurances going on all over the town/world as if an 'invasion' was coming. Finally, the 5 people are lured into the Command Center in various ways, and they discover a horrible looking destroyed computer room. Everything is broken, but then a shadowy figure emerges..."my name is Zordon". The figure (they can't see his face, but he is walking around them) tells them about his history and about Zedd (NO RITA...Jesus she was bad)...and how he is coming to Earth very soon, to destroy it. He presents them with a choice...take the morphers and become Earth's saviors, or perish with the rest of the planet. Half of the people agree, and the other half leave, laughing at the figure. The ones who agreed morph into "The Power Rangers, Earth's Defenders Against All Evil!" Zordon next teaches them in the ways of fighting and etc....while back in the town, the others who did not accept the morphers sit with their boring lives. Back with the Rangers, Zordon tells them finally about a "6th power, the Dragon Coin." He explains that Zedd has it and they need to get it back before its power is used for evil. "The Dragon Coin contains the most power." But then, Zedd attacks. They morph into action, and so on, so on....

That would be the first 45 minutes or so...then, we'd delve into Tommy and the Origin of The Green Ranger (my favorite storyline from the original series)...the others who did not accept the power WOULD eventually accept it...Tommy turns evil (under his own doing), takes the Green Power Coin, emerges with the Dragonzord (the ONLY zord)...and goes after both Zedd and the Rangers.

I just DO NOT KNOW if it would would have to be a graphic novel first, IMO...but I do think that SOMEONE could re-imagine it to a pretty good way. You just never know.

But it would be very VERY interesting to see. I was a massive fan of the original MMPR show (note: WAS is a big word)...but the show just got WAY too comedic and campy and there was too much teen stuff. It shouldn't be should have a very dramatic feel, but not TEEN drama.

I might elaborate more on it later.


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