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Default Re: Anthony Michael Hall in TDK

Originally Posted by StorminNorman View Post
How is that a surprise?

Think about it - he said he even described it as a surprise. He is not a comic book fan. It has to be someone fairly well known.

Adam West's Batman made Riddler a mainstreme comic villian. Jim Carrey's Riddler is still favorably regarded by many movie goers. Plus he would ****in own as Mr. Nigma.

I just don't think you would get that reaction if it was just RANDOM GUY #1. The only guy from the sides I thought could work is Rossi. But I don't see that being a really large role - I am betting Rossi = Gamble.
Well the way he talked about it was more that it was a role very integral to the story and not just a surprise on its own, but yeah I agree that he would ****ing own as E. Nigma.

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