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Default Re: Power Rangers Re-Imagined.

If i were going to re-imagine it, i would first and foremost, re-design the costumes. I would make the costumes look organic, and alien. (think the "ultraman the first" movie design) Second i would make the colors more subtle, with there individual colors apart of each's scheme.
As for the story i would start it off on a different planet, which zordon and rita are fighting for the coins. (the coins being keys to very suffisticated technology) Zedd arrives (zedd in my mind would be like galactus, an unseen planet devourer) and tries destroying the planet all togeather, causing zordon and rita to flee. (both have coins) Zordon wanted the coins, to protect his planet against a soon invaded zedd. Rita wanted it so she could unlock the technology to destroy zedd, and enslave the galaxy herself.
We cut to earth so many years later, we meet the teens: Jason, Billy, Trini. Jason a jock, trying to live up to what everyone thinks he should be, when what he really wants to be he hides inside. Trini an army brat, moved to angel grove and wants to live a normal life. Billy a super geek who loves sci-fi, and seeks adventure but is very very shy.
The teens are meeting up again there first day, senior year. They are good friends. During lunch we meet up with Zack, who is a trouble making new kid. He picks a fight with billy, whom jason steps in to help and defuse the situation. Zacks friends' stand up, and thus we meet tommy. Tommy steps in to help jason and billy, as a bit of a lunch room brawl breaks out.
The teens then are all in the principles, where they receive after school detention. Next we see rita crashing on the moon, her craft actually transforms to a command base. She sends some probs out to servey the planet, only to learn it is a dead planet. She sets in motion, a plan to turn the small moon into her own.
In the detention room, the teens are all togeather plus a girl named kimberly. We see more interaction of the teens not getting along, plus a little friendly compitition between jason and tommy, over who can get kimberly to go on a date with whom first. After detention the teens go there seperate ways. Jason, billy, and trini walk home togeather, while tommy wins the bet and gets kim to go to "Ernies" with him. Zack wanders off alone, wanting revenge on the others.(Zack has a short tempered father, whom he lives alone with. The detention will cost him, he doesnt want to go home) On the walk home, a ship crash lands near Jason, Billy, and Trini. The explore it, at first it appears to be an abandoned ship.
After further exploring the ship begins to transform into a base, the teens wanting to leave run into an army of droids. Working droids, that the teens at first think are dangerous. They stumble upon Zordon, who explains his situation. Zordon also explains that Zedd most likely has followed them and there planet is in grave danger.
Meanwhile on the moon rita receives data from her tech goon, that zordon is on a local planet called earth. She decides its her chance to get the other coins, and she sends her putties (creepy in design) and goldar to start an invasion for the coins.

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