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Default Re: Power Rangers Re-Imagined.


Goldar invades with a fleet of ships, and Putties. (the ships can transform to do different tasks, swim,walk,fly) The ships start destroying everything. The teens inside the base are informed of the attack, and are given 3 coins. The coins are to be placed in morphers, so they can activate battle suits. The teens have a hard time beleiving what they are hearing, and the only one who is excited is billy. The teens are shown the battle suits (which at this point are only basic alien armour, no dino designs yet), and there battle tank to get there. (think something like the tumbler) Jason and Trini wanna leave, but billy is interested. As they go to leave, but lose Billy. They find Billy, who tries to covince them to give zordon a chance.
Kimberly and Tommy are at "Ernies" when the attacks happen, but before we learn more about the two. As the attack happens, the two try to escape. Tommy and kim try fending off putties, but nearly escape. Just when they thought they were in the clear, they run into more putties and a putty general. (probably baboon and squat)
The rangers appear to help save the day, clad in there battle suits. They rescue Tommy and Kimberly, as Goldar watches from afar. After Goldar retreats, we find the teens back at the command center. (minus tommy and kim) The teens watch news briadcasts about the town being torn apart, and how the army is stepping in to help. Also a droid named alpha 5 explains there may be a problem with the suits next time. For some reason, they didnt bond well with there DNA.
Back on the moon, goldar tells rita that zordon has used the coins. Rita wants to know how to activate them, and goldar thinks he has an idea.
Now we are at Tommy's home, he is tending to wounds on Kimberly. They almost kiss when goldar appears and try to kidnap them. Kim escapes, and watches as Tommy is taken. At ritas palace, Tommy is questioned goldar beleives he knows who the rangers are. (he watched him talk to the rangers , and assumed he knew them)
Zack is woken in a dead sleep, to Kimberly banging on his window. (she knew zack from another school, they both attended as kids) She explains what happend, and zacks only idea is to turn to super geek billy. (assuming he would know about weird sci-fi stuff)
They arrive at billy's, and explain. Bily calls jason and Trini over. They agree to explain there stoy to zack and kim. They then take them to Zordon. On the moon, Rita has tortured tommy to the point of passing out. She then learns Zedd has followed them. Her only chance now is to launch another attack, before he arrives. This time her tech guy creates a small army of monsters (creepy designs) to invade.
Back at the command center, the teens tell zordon about the kidnapping. Alpha tells them an attack is happening again. the teens are concered the suits wont work. They are told to fight, and use the power when necessary. Alpha explains, he almost figured out how to make them work permenantly. For now intoduces them to new weapons, and asks kim and zack to help. (giving them coins as well)

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