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Default Re: Power Rangers Re-Imagined.


The Rangers, Jason, Trini, Billy, Zack and Kim, arrive to battle the monsters. After a short effort using the new weapons they resort to morphing. The suits work, but there teamwork is awful. Soon the suits fail, and they demorph. Zordon calls them, and informs them Alpha cracked the code. Goldar watched from afar, and decided to follow. At the comand center, alpha explains how he fixed it. Supposenedly the equipment didnt respond well to there DNA, but responded well to dino DNA. So alpha used dino DNA, and now the suits will not only work permenantly, but they have some bonus power. Jason's suit bonded with T-Rex, Trini Sabertooth, Billy Triceritops, Kim Pteradactyle, And Zack Mammoth.
Goldar returns back to rita to explain what he learned, Rita returns to Tommy. Tommy refuses to help rita, so she tells him he will have no choice.
The rangers are back at the scene, they start off fighting Putties. There teamwork is a little better. They then morph to fight off the monsters, each discovers there new powers. Jason discovers his super strength, and Billy his power to generate force shields (can use it like armour around his body, or around other objects) while they fight one monster. Trini super speed, and kimberly flight while fighting another. Zack is overwhelmed by a monster, when he learns he can walk through objects.
They defeat the monsters, but there teamwork is terrible again. At ritas, she is warned that Zedd has arrived. Goldar is sent down as a last resort to take the coins from the rangers. The rangers are then handed there asses by goldar, before zedd arrives. Suddenly a storm accures, and clouds devour the sky. Whats left of the local army after the monster fight, try to lock and load there high artillery weapons. Zedd lands, and is a giant. He begans his own destruction of the city.
The rangers are informed that there "zords" are ready, but they only why it will work is through working as a team. Then they will have the power to stop zedd. Jason attacks goldar to destract him, while they others get to a safe place to call there zords. In the scuffle, jason wounds goldar, and as goldar decides to retaliate to jason the zords arrive. Goldar flees, as the rangers take to there zords. The army's weapons are usless against the giant, so The zords individually fight zedd, and are no match. Soon they learn zedds weakness, and begin to use teamwork. They combine there zords into the megazord, and have a final battle with zedd. Zedd is seamingly destroyed, and the city saved.
Goldar returns to ritas, wounded vowing revenge on jason. Rita says revenge will be easy now, with zedd out of the way. She reveals to goldar her new weapon, the Green Ranger.Back at the command center, the rangers are thanied for there help, but are informed that this is not the end. Rita is still at large, and with zedd gone many will want to take his place.
Lastly we see the rangers again weeks later, at school. The city is under cunstruction, and a few places still stand. Surrounding citys are helping to rebuild angel grove, the biggest contributer is a trillionaire named victor mondo. (eventually he becomes king mondo) The teens are at a school function where we meet victor, as he gives his speech on the future of angel grove. Suddenly the rangers are allerted about a new attack on the city, the rangers head out and morph. At the scene, the rangers look amazed as we see a green ranger boot step into view.

The End?

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