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Wink Re: A new Red Kryptonite...

Originally Posted by project13 View Post
Anyone sick of Red K lowering inhibitions, making Kal-El apathic and lose control of his powers?
Nope, not us fangirls

Then tell me what it would do to Superman in the sequel (Nothing from the comics and television).
As a matter of fact, adding RedK to the SR sequel would be a bonus! Hadn't thought of that. Instead of just a few seconds with him on his back in the hospital (injured and out cold), he could forget about keeping his ego in check and sign up for the Planet's hunk-of-the-month calendar Or maybe he'd swoop down, carry Lois off, kiss her, and leave her on top of the Planet's planet (circling/hovering nearby until she's nice to him). Not to mention a few along the lines of the unfortunately deleted one from SR...

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