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Default Re: Power Rangers Re-Imagined.

Didn't read any of you guys'(yet) because I don't want to be influenced by others.

I've actually been thinking about this for years and when i was in college(between 01'-04'), I had actually written down a few ideas and such in a notebook.

I would've called it Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and I would have liked to incorporate the five original rangers(Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, Kimberly) as well as Tommy and the three replacement rangers(Adam, Rocky, and Aisha). Beyond that, I had no plan to use any other ranger characters but I do have a few favorites from other seasons that I would have loved to include one day(I think Katherine could've fit later on). Villain wise, I would've gone with Goldar, Rita, and Lord Zedd with the possibility of Scorpina. The goofier sidekick villains like Baboo, Squatt, etc as well as the PUtties, I never had plans for.

The biggest change i wanted to make in my version by far was the idea of the Rangers being in different social cliques and not neccesarily being friends. I always thought it was a little ridiculous that Zordon chose five teens of different ethnic backgrounds who just so happened to all be good friends. Yeah right. It's far more interesting to choose a couple of jocks, nerds, etc. who either don't get along at all or barely know each other than a bunch of people who already like each other.

I would've had the five originals summoned. Billy would've been a social outcast(not just a nerd) and he would've been friends with Adam who was also a loner. Jason would've been an ******* and something of a bully. I might not have made him as proficient in martial arts either. Maybe he would've been more of an boxer. Tommy would still be the martial arts type and not too different from the original. Zack, Rocky, and Aisha would've been popular "in" kids. Kimberly would've been an stuckup cheerleader who hung out with Jason and sometimes the other popular kids. Trini I always saw as sort of a student council, band geek type kid. She wasn't popular, but she wasn't a nerd either. Somewhere in the middle.

Zordon summons the five originals to battle Rita and/or Zedd at various times(I see Rita and Zedd as being opposing forces and no longer on the same team, though I do like the idea of having them have some sort of history between each other). Goldar would play more like Starscream from Transformers as would be constantly seeking ways to be the new "leader" of Zedd's alien empire.

the classic "morphin'" sequences wouldn't change but all the silly hand gestures would have to stop. I also think the way the costumes appear on the characters should be explained more scientifically. I also think their powers and moves should be learned and the rangers shouldn't just magically know how to fight as soon as they morph. It has to be a gradual process.

The show(or movies depending on how it would've shooken out), wouldn't just always be monsters being sent down by Rita or Zedd. There could be other supernatural threats as well. Eventually, Tommy would become Rita's green ranger but instead of him leaving to become good, I'd make Tommy more of a free agent who never really sided with either side. Rocky, Aisha, and Adam wouldn't replace anyone but instead be given their own ranger identities eventually(maybe orange, gold, and silver or something). Altogether, there'd be eight power rangers(the green ranger not being part of the team).

I would definitely have some sort of romantic subplot as well. I've always liked the classic Tommy/Kimberly pairing but i'd make it much more pg-13 as opposed to the g-rated crap it's always been. With the others, i'd get more experimenal and Trini and Aisha could end up with any of the other guys or no one at all and specific non-ranger characters would show up from time to time as well for romantic developments.

This is a great idea for a thread. I haven't thought about this in a long time but this is one of those things that I hope can happen one day. I honestly can't wait for them to cancel Power Rangers in it's current form so that one day, something like this can actually happen.

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