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Default Re: Superman the Movie = STILL the greatest superhero movie

Originally Posted by Wesyeed View Post
no, actually I don't respect them. That's bloody ridiculous. STM set the bar and hasn't been touched yet. spidey's a silly kiddie cartoon full of dancing and crap. Batman Begins has a boring storyline but overrated because it came after batman and robin. STM reigns supreme!
Only thing you can find wrong with Batman Begins is that you find it boring? Thats a pathetic arguement considering 9/10 people dont find it boring. Im not saying 9/10 people think BB is a better movie than STM there either. Also STM might have set the bar but I didn't inspire every Superhero movie from there on. I see very little/nothing of STM in Batman 89. Spiderman movies had dancing in 1 of the 3, as much as I strongly hate the dancing, I refuse to judge a movie series on 10 minutes of three two hour plus movies.

Personally I like STM, but I find 4/5 Batman movies more fun to watch because he is my favourite hero. Its that simple.

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