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Default Re: X-MEN 4 release?

I hate to be a downer because I'm a huge X-fan and have been since the original team in the first books. But from what I've heard while shopping in the "rumor mall" around show business, the X-Men as an ensemble movie franchise are on the shelf...permanently. Of course, that could always change if the spin-offs are successful...but that's a 'wait and see.' The fact of the matter is that Fox undid themselves and the future of the franchise with X-3. Most around town feel there just isn't anywhere to go storywise with the pieces left at the conclusion of X-3...the thing that no one can figure out is why anyone went to the trouble of tacking on that last quick scene with Pat Stewart following the credits...everyone knew halfway through production that this was 'it.' By tacking that scene on, they alluded to a possible 'future'...knowing full well that there wasn't a future. !?!

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