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Originally Posted by Snikt 6 View Post
^To bad really, until recently I dont feel they (MU) have put the effort into this book.....guess they think that just because Wolvie is in it they dont need to make an all out effort to make the book actually good.
Yep, same thing happened to the Spider-Man titles in the late 90s/early 00s. Terrible storylines and lackluster effort ("After all, it's Spider-Man, the book should sell regardless of what crap we shove between the pages." ). Almost makes me think that the same thing would have to happen to Wolverine before they put the same effort into reviving the character like they did Spidey, though he has yet to reach the same cash cow status as the wall-crawler.

Don't feel too bad though. Spidey's level of overexposure is rising once again (much of which I blame on the movies), and the rumors I hear of possible storylines for later this year make me think I'll be spending less on comics come 2008. Wolverine's exposure has been toned down significantly, and if Marvel could get consistent, solid writing on his solo book, while keeping the number of his other appearances to a minimum so that he doesn't saturate the market like he once did.

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