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Default Re: Official WOLVERINE discussion thread

Originally Posted by Snikt 6 View Post
I wouldnt tell anyone else this info again bro.....but there are trained proffesionals out there that can help you with your Seagal prob.....
Dude. One of the worst egomaniacs in action movies and he breaks bones left and right. Oh, and he's been playing the SAME CHARACTER since day one. Oh, and half of the flicks have to do with him walking around and posturing.

Pure comedy gold.

Oh, and just for that remark, I'll go for a low blow.

Wolvie sooo qualifies as the X-men's Seagal.

Wilhelmina Slater... You are a horror movie I wish would never end.

X4 parody done X3 style: Hellfire's Wrath - The Epic Stand!!!
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