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Default Re: Official WOLVERINE discussion thread

Originally Posted by Snikt 6 View Post
^Wouldnt say that about Logan......
I meant it in a 'Wolvie going after people just for the hell of killing them' rather than either searching for his past or have them pop out of nowhere out of the blue. Proactive as in, ya know, an actual vengeful purpose.

Originally Posted by Snikt 6
Only thing I liked about Seagal is in one of his *lame* flix he would rather be a Navy cook than a Yeoman (paperwork) - and even that isnt that cool when I think about it.........
Is the *lame* part sarcastic or...? Cause Under Siege rocked. Seriously, though, in about his every f****n movie, some other character must spout dialogue how about how much of a bada$$ Steven is. Too funny.

Originally Posted by Snikt 6
but you most likely like Jean Claude too huh? Double trouble and all.
Old Jean Claude is classic. That pink/turquoise color scheme in Double Trouble is a howler. Bloodsport has one of the most touching homoerotic scenes EVER (the hospital scene, you know what I'm talking about). In Kickboxer, his character says he learned ballet rather than martial arts. That, and most funny of all, JC actually *tries* to act. Good times.

Wilhelmina Slater... You are a horror movie I wish would never end.

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