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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Originally Posted by lars573 View Post
The G1 comic sucked. I tend to dislike Tf comics in general. I expect some variation between page and screen. But no the "we kept the names and desgins only" BS.
No, the comic kicked ass. It's essentially what the show should of been and what Beast Wars was. They actually made it edgey, it had gray characters (like Grimlock for instance, who wasn't a dolt), Optimus wasn't completely perfect, Prowl actually had a character, and they did things that were a lot more interesting when encoporating toys, plus it lacked muddled continuity issues. You do realize, oh BW fan, that most of BW was built off of the G1 comic. BW, while it seems to take from the cartoon in continuity actually used Simon Furman's and Bob Budinsky's mythic take on the franchise.

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