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Default Re: The TDK Gallery:Set/Official Pics Only-NO DISSCUSSION

Pics (courtesy of Josh) of set construction at the Navy Pier in Chicago, spotted via Batmanmovienews.

Then we walked around the city a little bit and made our way to Navy Pier. This journey was also a disaster since we got lost and ran into road blocks about half a dozen times. We tried to just follow the coast to the Pier, but that definitely didn’t work out at all. On our many detours however, we saw these people building something by the water. Brandon was wearing a Batman shirt and one of the guys came up to us, and he said, “Nice shirt, you guys like Batman?” We all said yeah, and then he said, “Well we’re building part of the set for Batman 2”. We were all in shock, and we started taking pictures of the set.

So now the five of us decided that we’re all gonna get together and see it when it comes out, which probably won’t be for a while if they’re still building the set. But yeah, that was really cool.

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