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Default Re: Would You Guys Care If A BRAND NEW X-Men Character Was Introduced?

I sort of have a made-up mutant in a very minor role in my script, but I'm looking into combining a couple real characters instead. See, I've got a couple scenes following Rogue during her depowered time. Bobby breaks up with her and she leaves the mansion, hooking up with another X-Mutant named Freddie, who she ends up killing by accident when her powers return. Freddie is a real character from a time in the comics when Rogue was depowered; but in my script, I'm turning him into another cure patient (helps create the initial bond) and I made up his former power. I'm thinking of combining him with an unimportant mutant so I'm not creating other mutants, lol.

So, my answer? Unless it's a minor role, it's a bad idea.

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