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Default Re: The TDK Gallery:Set/Official Pics Only-NO DISSCUSSION

*points at thread title*

Cardington, Bedford (UK) pics....

Batman vehicles stored at the Cardington hangars in Bedford. Photo taken on March 3 and 12, 2007 courtesy of Dave Horn and Snapperz.

You need binoculars to look from the road as it is private property, but you can now see Batman & Willy Wonka vehicles outside shed No 2 at Cardington.
Sigma 120-300 f2.8 + Sigma 2x converter coupled to a Nikon D200,

Cardington Hanger at Sunrise

The Cardington airship hangers dominate the north Bedfordshire skyline. There are two hangers, built in the 1917 and the ill fated Airship R101 was built there in 1929.

More recently the hanger shown here has been used to film Batman Begins,where an impressive cityscape was built, even with it own atmosphere — you can get clouds in there!

The hangars are around 800' long, 500' wide and 200' high. The doors at one end of the hangar are so large it takes 20 minutes to open them.

The hangers are also being used for the next Batman movie.

Date: 03/02/07

May, 2007
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