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Default Re: Who's you're favorite X-Men Character?

But it gets her killed, makes her weak and totally dependent on people. Her non Phoenix story lines generally make her a ditzy prize a** in a pissing contest and finally when all that crappy karma came back to her, in the form of Emma, she turns into the MU biggest loudest hypocrite!

And she still has fans? Did not enough people read New X-men where she went to Wolverine specifically for sex and her turned her down because she was having issues with Scott and would have gone right back to him afterwards? Or how she fought with Scott about his feelings with Emma and she STILL hasn't stopped flirting with Logan! Hell she would get mad at Scott about Emma, and go straight to Logan and be a total cocktease about it.

And again...she still has fans. I dunno.

Well, now she's gone and that's one less hypocrite at Marvel.

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