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Default Re: Pure & simple: Do you want Whedon as X4 director?

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
I read today some quotes of an old interview to Whedon and he said that the perfect actress for Emma would be Charlize Theron.

Did you read it? Its curious because is one of the favourites of the boards. (mine too).

And he also said that if he had to do a new x-team, he'd use Storm surely, then Nightcrawler (for talk about religion), Iceman (because his powers), and also named Juggernaut and X-23.


The already introduced x-men in the trilogy include all of Astonishing x-men members, more these characters he named, Storm, Kurt, Bobby and Juggernaut. And he likes Emma, so he probably would use her in X4.

He likes the characters, and has a well recieved x-men comic, and is director too. Why not making him the director of X4? Surely Fox will call him when they decide to do X4, and probably he will say yes, if has time to do it, so we only have to wait 1-2 years to start hearing news about it.

HE SAID STORM SURELY!?!?! Then whedon!

But i definitely DO NOT want Singer, omg his directing style is so flamboyant, sooo sentimental and not even in the right way like ratners was. I actually cried watching X3, when the prof died and storm and logan were crying...I love Ratners directing, it was so powerful and emotional at the same time, im not saying whedon for sure because i never got into buffy or liked the show so i fear i might not like him again so for me its sticking to my favorite movie/director and thats ratner. But if Whedon said storm for sure im already starting to like him lol

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