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Default Re: X-MEN 4 release?

You guys seriously think Fox will dish 300 million on an X4? Thats what it will take to bring back Halle and the Young X-men... cmon we know Fox... they are cheapos... thats why if they do 2010... it will be too soon for the franchise to recast... its just way too much money... if without Patrick, Ian, and Hugh. The rest of the cast is gonna be pretty pricey... buts thats just a fraction... of course you need to step up the CGI to bring in the bigger and badder villains... (Sentinels, Apocalypse)... its way too much money. Why did Fox turn to the spinoff route? Cause its a heck of a lot cheaper... as much as I want Halle, Shawn, Kelsey, Paquin back... its asking a lot for them to do three more flicks... X4 wouldn't be any grand finale... people will still want sequels beyond that considering X3 wrapped it all up.

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