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Default Re: Wolverine in X4 or NO? Poll to end the debate

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
At this point, it just wouldn't be an X-Men movie if Wolverine wasn't here, and it would be a complete mistake on Fox's part to take him out of the franchise.

Lets be serious here, Wolverine is the figurehead of the X-Men trilogy, doing away with him in X4 would no doubt drive some fans away from the movie, and what not.

Yes, he should be in X4, but not in a role like he has had in the past two movies. His story has been "finished" at this point in the trilogy.
He should be a teacher. His primary role should be to play off Rogue and Storm and, to a lesser extent, Gambit. Of course, he is his own character, but I see those three as more important at this point. Logan is definitely down to number 4 at best (which is still significant, but it's not #1), and that's the way it should be. He's had three movies where he was the centerpiece. He should stay, but it's time to give the limelight to some others.

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