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Post Which Eliminated Character Would You Bring Back?

If there is an X-4? Which eliminated character (killed or cured) would you bring back.

Cyclops: The famed leader of the team never had his moment to shine in the movies and Marsden not only looks the part but has the acting chops if the writers would only give him something to sink his teeth into.

Jean: I think she should stay dead. She's already been ressurrected once. I had my issues with The Last Stand, but I can accept that she's gone.

Xavier: Yes he's in a new body, but did his powers transfer? Will he return to the mansion?

Sabretooth: He looked cool.

Mystique: She was cured? But was it permanent? She's had a pretty good role the last few movies. I can survive a film without her.

Magneto: He did move that chess piece. However, I think his "cause" is getting tired and a new trilogy requires a new villain and motive.

Rogue: She's cured, but again, permanently? She's had a decent sized role in the last few movies. But if we have Gambit, it would be nice to see them have some witty banter/attraction.

Well let's vote: you can vote for more than one.

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