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Default Re: Which Eliminated Character Would You Bring Back?

Cyclops: I can't decide. Part of me thinks he's already had his time, as shoddy as it was, and another resurrection would hurt the films, but the other part wants to bring him back so that a fourth movie would actually have a worthwhile cast.

Jean: Absolutely not.

Professor X: Already done, but he should probably remain powerless due to the mind-transfer.

Sabretooth: Not outside of the Wolverine films.

Mystique: She's already served her purpose; it's time to move on to new villains.

Magneto: His tale is done with.

Rogue: Leave her depowered and off-panel (this goes double if Gambit's in the film; why should she take him down with her?). She's already been established as a wimp and a change now would just be bad writing. Besides, she'd just start complaining about her powers all over again if she got them back.

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