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Default Re: Wolverine in X4 or NO? Poll to end the debate

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
I understand you.

Lately, the polls seems to be incompleted. The option should be more and with different points of view.

I, for example, would want to see Logan in X4, not like the main star, but not like a cameo either. I don't think he is the most important character, but would be nice to see some interaction with Gambit, the young mutants, Emma, etc. So none of the options are correct.
The option clearly indicates you want Logan as a major character... its doesn't mean one man show again character... just a major character. Wolverine has always been the most important character in the movies and maybe even the comics... but I don't feel like debating that subject... but seriously what do you want the options to be???

Logan for 5 minutes?
Logan for 10 minutes?
Logan with Rogue scene?
Logan for 30 minutes?
Logan as the loner hero doing his own thing for 40 minutes?
Logan coming out of the shower, changing, and saying his last goodbyes to the X-Men???

Give me a break... originally it was just going to be Yes or No... but I had to put in a third option... any more and people would want each of their own options. Now I consider Ice-Man and Rogue to be major characters... I consider Mystique to be a major character. Are they on par with Xavier and Magneto??? No... but they are still very important. If thats a role you envision for Logan is X-4 that option works... if you want something a little bit smaller than that... well I am sorry not to include the "Major but not Major Major character" option for you... but if I included "keep him as a supporting character" everyone would pick that option... fact is that option is pretty vague... how much more time would a supporting character like that steal from the major characters? Who would even be the major characters? Storm? Cyclops? That's debatable as well... what I see with the X-Men is a team... yeah Cyclops should be leading but every main member deserves equal screen time... I am not sure you'd get that if you stuff Wolverine again in there... would he be a supporting character? Or would he just be another distraction from the major story at work? Yeah I could have thrown that option in there... but fans really need to make a decision on this... and four options would have been pushing it.

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