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Default Re: Which Eliminated Character Would You Bring Back?

Originally Posted by taintedFB View Post
Agreed. I'd like to see Rogue back, too. But I am tired of having Magneto be the villain again. If anything, MAYBE they can bring back Mystique possibly now working for Apocalypse? Or Sinister?

Either way, Cyclops is the most important character to bring back and put in the forefront. He doesn't have to be the Lead Star of the movie, but he should be a strong presence and an authoritative team leader.
I'm thinking that he should begin as a bad guy (not really "villian", 'cause the real enemy is the Sentinels and the Brotherhood doesn't actually battle the X-Men at any point in this movie), but end up teaming with the X-Men in the final battle. I'm trying to figure out how the Brotherhood could wind up getting a pardon for their crimes, and end up merging with the X-Men (in the comic Apocalype story, which I'm building up to, Magneto was the head of the X-Men. In my movie version, I'd like Storm and Magneto to run it together).

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