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Default Re: Which Eliminated Character Would You Bring Back?

The Age of Apocalypse was an alternate reality where Magneto & Rogue were a couple. Ian and Anna???

I think Magneto's role has been played out. I think he can have a cameo, but not a part of the action. I'd like to see Cyclops and Storm co-lead the team. Split the teams into the Blue & Gold teams. Introduce Gambit. And have Scott be the headmaster of the school, administering discipline.

I think he should order Storm and her team. And oversee the whole operation. I'd love to see Sinister, with hints of Apocalypse, or the Hellfire Club & Emma Frost, and of course, the sentinels...

OH! Maybe Sinister can help reactivate Mystique's powers. Maybe Rogue regrets her decision and decides to seek out Sinister to regain her powers.

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