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Default Re: Which Eliminated Character Would You Bring Back?

Cyke needs to come back and do what he swore to do in the first movie I would rather see him lead the team than Storm..

Jean should stay dead.. I don't really care about seeing her back. Besides, it'd be too much since she already "died" twice in a row.

Xavier.. I don't really care much if he comes back. I know he's still alive and all.. maybe they could just have the X-Men discover he's still alive by the end. Besides, I don't want to see him in some random guy's body.

I don't really care if Sabretooth comes back at this point.. he can be in the Wolverine movie but I don't know about an X4 or any other movies involving the team..

I don't think the cure is permanent so I'm guessing Rogue, Mystique and Magneto will all get their powers back fully.. Rogue I definitely wanna see again.. I guess they could stick Mags & Mystique in there but I don't want him as the villain again.

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