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Default Re: Which Eliminated Character Would You Bring Back?

Originally Posted by ToriL90 View Post
I'm thinking that he should begin as a bad guy (not really "villian", 'cause the real enemy is the Sentinels and the Brotherhood doesn't actually battle the X-Men at any point in this movie), but end up teaming with the X-Men in the final battle. I'm trying to figure out how the Brotherhood could wind up getting a pardon for their crimes, and end up merging with the X-Men (in the comic Apocalype story, which I'm building up to, Magneto was the head of the X-Men. In my movie version, I'd like Storm and Magneto to run it together).
Eh. Magneto basically sided with the X-Men in X2. Sure, he turned on them at the end, but that's just Magneto for you.

Also... If Magneto ever wound up leading the X-Men in any battle Storm wouldn't be anything more than a subordinate. Magneto doesn't have co-leaders... It's not in his character.

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