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Default Re: Which Eliminated Character Would You Bring Back?

Originally Posted by iamlegend View Post
Eh. Magneto basically sided with the X-Men in X2. Sure, he turned on them at the end, but that's just Magneto for you.

Also... If Magneto ever wound up leading the X-Men in any battle Storm wouldn't be anything more than a subordinate. Magneto doesn't have co-leaders... It's not in his character.
Not if the X-Men and the Brotherhood remained their own groups, joined together. They'd merge, but still remain individual. It's kinda hard to explain.

Originally Posted by taintedFB
The Age of Apocalypse was an alternate reality where Magneto & Rogue were a couple. Ian and Anna???
Ianna would rule! lol jk

The movies can "borrow" from several different versions of the comics at the same time. Have the Apocalypse storyline, but Rogue will be with Gambit.

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