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Default Re: Which Eliminated Character Would You Bring Back?

Originally Posted by iamlegend View Post
Yeah, but what did each faction "take a stand" against? Magneto and co. took a stand against the cure. The X-Men took a stand for freedom of choice against the Brotherhood.

Loing story short, the main plot revolved around THE CURE. If it just goes away in a sequel you forfeit every last bit of X-3, except for the few minutes the Phoenix was doing her bit.

Oh, and Redemption stories are cliche anyway.
Actually, "cliche" would have been Rogue running off to get the cure after Bobby began falling for Kitty, only to realize that she's wonderful just the way she is, and return in the end to her loving, accepting boyfriend (the alternate ending). Her actually making the wrong choice went against the cliche, and the story will seem incomplete unless she has a chance to redeem herself.

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