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Default Re: Which Eliminated Character Would You Bring Back?

Cyclops - Yes, but only because he never got a chance to shine.

Jean - No, she's had her time. Let her death mean something and don't bring her back.

Professor X - Naw, but definitely bring him back in a fifth or sixth movie. I'd like to see how the X-men handle things on their own without xavier to depend on

Mystique - She's had a good run, she can take a break from this one.

Sabretooth - No, he'll get his time again in the Wolverine movie

Magneto - Yes, but only as a greatly reduced role. I love the character and I love his portrayal of it, but I'd rather a big shift in focus for the next movies. Like Magneto got his trilogy, now I'd like to see an arc with a different main villain

Rogue - Yes, but only if she actually gets to do something this time around. If she's just going to stand around and mope, then don't bother.

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