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Default Re: If MOS gets made and is a great film... Will people revisit SR and like/hate it m

Originally Posted by FlawlessVictory View Post
IMO, I feel this kid was one of the worst ideas ever put in a comic book film. It has really dampened my hopes for the sequel. I just can't get too excited knowing part of this movie will have to deal with the development of this character which I have absolutely 0% interest in. Also, the kid will lose a lot of his cute factor in the next film as he will be 3-4 years older which will make the whole father and son relationship between him and Superman look even stranger for me(as I thought Brandon was just way too young looking for a returns and being a father story in SR).

To have this kid introduced/thrusted in a soap opera who's your daddy type atmosphere is a total turn off to me. Sure, it creates drama, but is it the right drama and tone for a Superman movie, I don't think it is. MOS would have to be a ridiculously fantastic movie for me to really like SR and appreciate how certain storylines were set up. I don't see it happening though. I'm so up and down on this movie but lately this movie has really soured on me. Real estate Lex, the kid, the storylines, I just don't care enough about them to really want a sequel to them. It's why I just don't have the high hopes for MOS even if by some miracle we get a new villain who isn't Zod.


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