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Default Re: Superman the Movie = STILL the greatest superhero movie

I love STM,but I don't feel that it's the best superhero film to date.Sure it started it all,but I think it has been surpassed,but only by a few films,such as:Batman Begins,Spider-man's 1 & 2,and Superman II.Of course this is just my opinion,as it is I grew up in the 90s going into the new millenium so most of these are the major superhero films of my generation(minus Superman II).STM still holds a great place in film history for not only giving us the greatest actor to portray Superman,but for kickstarting the whole wave of Superhero films and showing that they can be done in a serious manner.But as I said before I grew up in a different generation of superhero films,but comic books as well.The comics have changed much since '78,and so those are what I'm most familiar with.I didn't first see STM until it came on T.V. about three years ago,until then I was only a fan of Smallville,the comics,and the Superman Animated Series.Still STM ranks in my top 5 superhero films of all-time.

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