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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Originally Posted by Iron_Mang View Post
I think alot of you have good points. Yes the show was produced to sell toys , but , it was so well conceived it became something 'more' to many of us
Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say Well-conceived, because frankly it wasn't. It was very inconsistent, but oddly enough this turned out to be an asset as the shows abundance of inconsistencies led to the writers of Beast Wars/Beast Machines stringing them together into something meaningful. I mean Vector Sigma, the Ark (oddly enough the "Ark" was the term used in the comic, not the show), Cybertron, Alpha Trion, the Plasma Energy chamber, the Matrix, etc. All of these things often stepped on each other's toes in the show, creating a mish-mash of largely unrelated plot elements. So the show was poorly handled, but in the imagination of children it did spark some sort of creative energy. I mean none of us really know how a race like the Transformers could have come to be, but these little plot devices that were used in the episodes, retooled, actually could and did become fodder for Sci-Fi/Fantasy that was much more grounded and well told.

So really, I think what the show did was give a veritable buffet for future writers to pull from. Not everything made sense initially, but when certainly elements were reused and plotted out a little better you could get something that was more than just a toy commercial. It's a pity the original show itself struggled and really never succeeded in capitalizing on this in ways others shows had.

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