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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Ok, here they are:

BW animated shows > Original G1 animated shows
# of G1 derivative shows > # of BW derivative shows
G1 comics > BW comics
G1 toys sold > BW toys sold
G1 movie ? ......
G1 legs > BW legs

What G1 doesn't have is an initial good show, everything else it has BW beaten. Better name for characters (Starscream > Waspinator all the time), characters that are expandable to comics, more cult-like characters (Soundwave, Grimlock and Sideswipe, to name a few), and non fans people would get excited more on robots transforming to vehicles. That's why no sane people would pick BW as a material for live action movie.

Again no diss on the Beast Wars show. It was wonderful for its time. G1 shows were actually poor compared to BW. But if there's a new animated show choosing whether its based on largely Vehicular character and beasts, most producers will choose the first option. G1 has BW beaten by a sackful of reasons other than the quality of the original shows.

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