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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Originally Posted by ShadowBoxing View Post
Ummmm, actually every show since Beast Wars has used a combination of Beasts and Vehicles (except Armada)
You mean since BM? I don't recall any BW Transformers except for "guest character" that have vehicle mode.

G1 actually uses a combination of beasts and vehicles. It predates BM.

and furthermore Beast Wars voice actors thus far have been recast in every show to reprise similar roles (whereas G1, not so much).
Don't care. Non sequitur. Whatever. Adds nothing to the discussion.

-It's TF lore, not TF voice actors life-

Point exists that Peter Cullen or Frank Welker is more of a legend to TF fans than Scott McNeill.

Current character incarnations have all been based on the Beast Wars formula (5 or 6 good robots, versus 5 or 6 bad robots).
It's budgetary restrictions. It maybe the best to convey a more simplistic but focused storytelling.

But tell me, is it a monopoly of BW to have a smaller cast, and G1 must always have a large cast of robots?

Please don't kid yourself.

The only thing from G1 that currently has been popping up in current continuities is the reuse of Starscream as Megatron's second in command. Other than that (and a few cameos here and there), we don't get a whole lot of G1 influence these days in shows.
Transformers Armada/Cybertron/Energon is based loosely on G1.

TF movie is based on G1. Is that not big enough for you?

BTW, I don't believe/post myself as a G1 purist. G1 maybe the best to convey the world of TF to the mainstream than BW, who stuck their robots only in beast forms. BM, on the other hand, is an abomination. Rat in a wheel?

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