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Default Official Favorite Quotes From Transformers the Movie

There were a lot of funny lines, but my favorite has to be Optimus's monologue at the end.

"For now, the Decepticon legions are vanguished. And fate has yielded its reward- A new world to call home. We live amongst its people now, hiding in plain site...But watching over them in secret. Waiting. Protecting. I have witnessed their capacity for courage. And though we are worlds apart, like us, there is more to them then meets the eye. I am Optimus Prime. And I send this message to any Autobots seeking refuge amongst the stars. You are not alone. We are here. We are waiting."

And when I forget which Autobot says this, but it cracks me up.

"Mmhh...His feramone level indicates he wishes to mate with the female."

Anyone else got favorite lines?

"Anything Worthwhile is Perishable."
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