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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Originally Posted by chiefchirpa View Post
Bad example, eh Lars

Ok how bout, Apeface, Mindwipe, Snapdragon, Skullcruncher, Weirdwolf.

Nevertheless, I've never had an issue with Dinobots, Insecticons, and Predacons in TF show storyline. Even though the toyline starts them, they're canon to G1. And guess what? Grimlock is arguably more famous than Dinobot. (teaser for the movie featuring Grimlock - another reason the movie is largely based on G1?)
Better. But Apeface and Snapdragon were triple changers. They were both also jets. And the 3 headmasters can be chalked up to you have more freedom cooking up car desgins than jet desgins. Given the Autobots=cars and trucks, Decepticons=planes and other fying machines desgin mentality in the toys.

I for one welcome our new red flamed, fish-lipped savior. May he always defend us from the scrap metal Devil.
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