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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Originally Posted by lars573 View Post
Better. But Apeface and Snapdragon were triple changers. They were both also jets. And the 3 headmasters can be chalked up to you have more freedom cooking up car desgins than jet desgins. Given the Autobots=cars and trucks, Decepticons=planes and other fying machines desgin mentality in the toys.
Just say that back in 1987 they were less advanced in transformers design then what's in the G2 or BW era.

Starting with Aerialbots or maybe before that (Again I'm not a G1 purist or TF hardcore fan), Autobot is no longer stuck with landlocked vehicles, and vice versa with the Decepticons.

Anyway do you guys know any Sixshot (6-changers) nemesis in the Autobot side? Sixshot is a bad-ass that can singlehandedly defeat all Gestalt TFs perhaps except Predaking.

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