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Default Re: Official Favorite Quotes From Transformers the Movie

Like so many of you, I huge kick out of Peter Cullen reprising Optimus Prime. I was barely a kid when the 80s animated film came out, so I don't remember it, but I do remember the Saturday morning cartoons a bit. Plus, I recognized Peter as the original voice of KARR from "Knight Rider" (he was recast for the character's reappearance in Season 3). It sent a chill up my spine when he first started speaking, and for the most of the film, I had a sort of Joker smile pasted on my was awesome! I'll probably go to see it at least once more, before it leaves the cinemas. Aside from Optimus, I got a huge kick out of Frenzy; it was almost like he was on something, with the laughter and buzzing around...made me laugh almost every time.

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