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Default Re: Which Eliminated Character Would You Bring Back?

They killed the franchise by killing off Cyclops. They would have to bring back Cyclops (but should be able to explain it)... if they can't do that then a continuation of the franchise would... (fro lack of a better word) suck.

Rogue should only have minimal or no screentime at all in any and all sequals for the following reasons (pick one or more): she was depowered, the characterization of her sucks, the actress is not very good, she annoys me & most importantly, NO ONE WANTS TO SEE GAMBIT HIT ON ROGUE AS A TEENAGER!!! That's just freakin' gross.

You know Magneto will come back and Mystique (who was originally supposed to be playing chess with Magneto at the end of X3) It would also be easy to bring back Jean since they killed her as the Phoenix and have already brought her back to life once... but maybe she could sit a few movies out and they could introduce Emma Frost or Madelyne Pryor.

Sabretooth will have roles in the Wolverine solo so by the time X4 rolls around we'll probably all be tired of Wolverine stories (he was the star of all 3 X-films and his solo) and, of course Prof. X will return since he (conveniently) transferred his consciousness into his twin brother before he was imploded.

Bottom line:: no Cyclops, no X4... end of franchise.

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