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Default Exclusive TDK Set Report #3 8/13

I SAW THE JOKER!!!!!!! My life is now Complete! I was 10 feet above him

Heath came to the set around 1am in a SUV and got out, streched his arms and did a little Head shake and looked right up at us. We were above him. It happened in the matter of seconds so I wasen't able to take a pic of him. He looks GREAT and very Creepy! The Purple suite however is a dark purple...I think some people thought it was bright.

BUT I was able to snap a few pics buddy had a camcorder and I used my camera to take photos from his frame..(he has tons of great video but dosen't have a way to get it online from a camcorder. He knows a TV guy who is gonna try tho... might be a few days)


The scenes we saw them film involved the Semi truck....the joker was inside the truck huntched down holding onto a hand-rail. The go one way on wacker and the Tumbler comes from the other direction. The camera car filmes between them. We saw this over and over a few times. I have video but you cannot see the joker in the video, all you see is the truck. So its not worth posting right now.

But I did film a small clip of Heath sitting on the stairs for a bit before he jumps off. You really can't see him too well.

But here it is anyway....

My friend LAURA who was with me has much better pictures of the joker and some video...these are her videos, leave nice comments.


But laura is allowing me to share them with you

The first one is the scene with the Clown truck, Tumbler, cop cars... its hard to see tho.

This is after the film...when they go in reverse, you can see the joker inside the semi truck! pretty cool! you'll have to pause it

NOW the pictures....


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