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Default Re: Should X-MEN Duplicate what Superman Returns Did?

Why stop at ignoring X3?

I say yes to ignoring past mistakes. Lets get rid of the repiditive garbage storyline we had to take in X2 that was suppose to be God Loves.

No wait, lets not stop there. Trash the wooden medicore bland cutouts we were served in the name of style and art.

Lets get back the basic personalities that were stripped away along with the actual personalized basic stories that go with them, as well as someone in charge actually familiar with the material.

Yep, I agree. We should go back. WAY back. Pre 2000, we can start by trashing that 94 script that was the basis for XINO.

And lets for a minute go on to discuss how the idea of selective continuity went over with the Superman fanbase. As well as the "sucess" of Superman Returns. That didn't leave a bitter taste in the industry at all...

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