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Default Re: Would You Guys Care If A BRAND NEW X-Men Character Was Introduced?

^^^^You're right... there is no excuse for not doing research. I did my best without knowing all the information. Here's some of the findings of my research:

Quills was created for the movie X-Men: The Last Stand by editor Mark Helfrich and was later introduced in the comics. However, in the film, he is wrongfully titled Kid Omega, which is an existing character in the Marvel Universe with completely different powers. When looking at the credits, I saw "Spike" and assumed that was the name of Quill's character since I beleived "Spike" to be a variation of "Marrow". So, unaware of the existence of "Quill", I searched for Spike (I use & other resources) & could not find him anywhere.

The following are transcripts from the director/writers commentary on the X3 DVD::

On "Kid Omega" aka "Quills":
Brett Ratner: "This is Ken Leung, he's been in a bunch of my movies who-- you know... he said 'Brett, I got nothing to do', I said, 'Don't worry we'll create a character for you,' and Mark [Helfrich, movie editor] came up with the idea of this character--is it Spike?..." (Penn: "Yeah... no, it's Quill.") Ratner: "Quills. I'm sorry, it's Quills... and he came-- Mark came up with this idea to have quills come out of his face like a porcupine."

On Spike::
Ratner: "This is a character that, again, Mark, my editor came up with."
Penn: "No... no... we came up with it. Spike is from the comics..."
Kinberg: "...we went through all the different characters in the comics."

So, yes, Spike is from the comic books (although, I would like to know when his character was conceived), he is a very obscure character and there is very little information on him. None of the resources you pointed me to gave me a detailed description of his powers for me to make a complete analysis of his depiction in the movie.

Spyke from the TV show is a young, Black mutant who has the powers of Marrow and was most likely added to the cast to add some minority flavor to the TV show.

The girl who I said I didn't know the name of in the movie was Callisto... but they also modifies her powers for the movie.

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