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Default Re: Would You Guys Care If A BRAND NEW X-Men Character Was Introduced?

Originally Posted by ReallyCoolGuy View Post
So, yes, Spike is from the comic books (although, I would like to know when his character was conceived), he is a very obscure character and there is very little information on him. None of the resources you pointed me to gave me a detailed description of his powers for me to make a complete analysis of his depiction in the movie.

Spyke from the TV show is a young, Black mutant who has the powers of Marrow and was most likely added to the cast to add some minority flavor to the TV show.

The girl who I said I didn't know the name of in the movie was Callisto... but they also modifies her powers for the movie.
Spike was first introduced in X-Force 120, in December 2001. He is based on Spyke who was introduced a year earlier in X-Men: Evolution in November/December 2000. your assumption isn't entirely wrong regarding Spike being based upon the X-Men: Evolution character, as both the comic book and movie interpretations are obvioulsy based on him.

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