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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Originally Posted by Spidey-Bat View Post
I finally downloaded the G1 episodes. I watched the first episode (More than Meets the Eye pt. 1) and was surprised by how awesome it was (especially for an 80's cartoon). I'm a huge Beast Wars fan and it was cool to see how the Ark landed on prehistoric Earth. One thing I find funny is Optimus' magic trailer. The first time he transformed from truck to robot it magically disappeared and when he transformed into a truck again it magically appeared.
The first three episodes are not that bad. They aren't that good either, but definitely not bad. Aside from the "magical" (or ridiculous elements) elements that plagued the show, the episode themselves are watchable at a level most of that show is not. However the highlight of season one is either "Divide and Conquor", "Countdown to Extinction" or my personal favorite "The Ultimate Doom I, II and III". It's the second three parter, and aside from taking some suspension of disbelief, it's perhaps the greatest scheme Megatron unleashed. Certainly his most grandios. If anything the episodes major drawback is where it is placed in the series. The show gets decidedly silly after that, and until the third season we really never see the show have an truly "epic" storylines. That storyline truly was epic though.

If I were you, going for sheer entertainment. Skip everything from "Autobot Spike" until the movie. It's not worth the brain power it takes to will yourself through most of those episodes. It's also really sad to watch how stupid Grimlock gets between his last appearance in season 1 and his subsequent appearances leading up to season 2. Especially after the comic made him a badass.

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