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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Originally Posted by Spidey-Bat View Post
I've downloaded the first 5 eps of season 1 and have the rest downloading now. I started some of season 2 but if it's that bad, I'll skip it. Just to double check, the Movie takes place between seasons 2 and 3, correct?

Since I should skip all of season 2, is there anything significant I should know about? I like to see all episodes of a show just to know what happens but if I shouldn't, I will since it takes up a lot of space on my comp and time to download.
The season is not all bad. "Megatron's Master Plan" is decent. But if you're watching for important moments. Basically the Movie was done during "Dinobot Island" and the rest of season 2 has some conflict with the film itself. It takes place between season 2 (which ends somewhere in the mid nineteen eighties) and season 3 (which picks up less than a year later in 2006, Movie being in 2005). However the movie itself seems to only pay attention, and rightfully so, to events taking place within the first half of season 2. The biggest season 2 event (out of the 49 episodes) is probably "Key to Vector Sigma" which introduces the Aerialbots, Stunticons and Vector Sigma. The "Search for Alpha Trion", "War Dawn" and "The Gambler" hold some significance as well in the series overall. Another fan favorite "The Secret of Omega Supreme" is somewhat held in regard, however be warned, this is episode makes NO SENSE in relation to season 1 and much of the rest of the show.

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