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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
While I personally think that "Code of Hero" in BW is the best Transformers episode ever made, the G1 series will always be my favorite overall. The G1 series is one of the most popular cartoons of all time and it had some of the most memorable characters.
Not so sure about this. In it's day it's said to have been less popular than G.I.Joe, Ninja Turtles and even Masters. It did only last three seasons, and it's movie made less than 6 million total. However it had a killer toyline, which is said to have been the among the most popular toylines of all time (apparently beating out Star Wars). However I feel it's popularity is nostalgia based, as do most Transformers fans. It seems the popularity of future incarnations (Beast Wars getting better ratings and more critical acclaim, and Armada selling better as a toyline) fuelled nostalgia filled love. Most people, even here, cannot name more than two or three episodes at most. And as I said, the show was cancelled due to poor ratings.
As far as I'm concerned it is still the standard by which all other Transformer cartoons will be measured against.
Quality wise. No. Absolutely not. Any show that lacks the common sense to not sell it's animation out to a knock off Korean company mid way through it's second season should be considered a "standard". Any show that lacks the common sense to not give their writers breathing room, instead insisting new episodes every week rather than slowing the pace to encourage more consistency should be considered a "standard". And no show that has that much red tape should be considered a standard either. Most fans agree, for all it's fun moments it was a bad show. The comic probably redeemed the fiction the most when Simon Furman took over. However G1 gave the franchise shakey legs to stand on. This is probably the reason they (among others) abandoned the concept of making Beast Wars a direct sequel to G1 (of course anyone who reads the tech specs immediately knows that Optimus Primal and Megatron were simply reformated versions of themselves and that originally the show was to take place in 2007, following Rebirth). However Hasbro allowed Bob Forward and Larry Ditillo revamp the dying franchise. The truth is, if G1 were held as any standard they would've bankrupted themselves. The toys were the golden star of that whole generation.

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