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Default Re: Seth rogen to be the green hornet?

Originally Posted by terry78 View Post
It goes back to fanboys not like guys that worked in comedy doing superhero stuff. Favreau got some flack, Tim Story got his flack(some deserved, but not all), and now Rogen. We want indie directors with peabody awards doing our superheroes, go figure.
Imo- Favreau may be delivering the 'Batman Begins' of the MARVEL universe!

Everything is looking GREAT on that film. The best cast a fan can ask for with noteworthy and acclaimed actors. I mean hell, Robert Downey Jr. is practically Tony Stark! And Favreau is the type of director who focuses on the practical rather than the CGI, see 'Zathura', which is just what Iron Man needed. Some other director may have went overly CGI with it.

Still have yet to see the final product, but I'd be surprised if it isn't the best MARVEL film to date! If not possibly second best- at a possible worst- second only to SM2. If the film is just as good as this seemingly 'stars alligning' for the film like it did for BB, we are in for a masterpiece.

So don't discount him just yet, if you were in your post.... what it all depends on is:

1. A director who gets the source material.
2. A great story and screenplay.
3. Great/ phenomenal cast.

We don't need indie directors directing these films, what we need is guys that get the characters. We can have the best indie director of all time directing a superhero film, but if he doesn't get the character- it's going to be the biggest disappointment of all time. A director's background does NOT matter- his knowledge and love for the character does.

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