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Default Re: Seth rogen to be the green hornet?

One of the -supporting- characters... if you get a great comedian who can offer comic relief- and since he is already working on the project as the writer- it would be a smart decision to see if he can play that type of character in the film... for example- I could see him as a tech guy along the lines of Kevin Smith in LFODH.

It's too absurd a notion to even think or even think that Rogen would go along with the possibility of Green Hornet. Rogen would even know it wouldn't be a smart move physically because- at least I don't think- he's in shape to be taking on any action movie due to the normal requirements.

However, he can still star (co-star) in the film as a comic relief character that is one of the main supporting characters.

This reminds me way too much of the Jack Black thing. Besides, in all liklihood if the studio is that insane I doubt that Rogen is, he'd probably be laughing at the notion right now... an action role would be way too demanding of a task/challenge.

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